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February 18, 1860 – August 22, 1920.
Anders Zorn

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Anders Zorn

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
68060 Abildgaard nude Nicolai Abildgaard Abildgaard nude Abildgaard nude
68063 Abilgaard Jupiter Nicolai Abildgaard Abilgaard Jupiter Description Abilgaard Jupiter.jpg Jupiter, o/c, 128 x 106 cm, private Collection
56168 nightmare Nicolai Abildgaard nightmare mk247 1800,oil on canvas,16.125x13.75 in,41x35 cm private collection
40618 The Spint of Culmin Appears to his Mother Nicolai Abildgaard The Spint of Culmin Appears to his Mother mk156 c.1794 Oil on canvas 62x78cm

Nicolai Abildgaard
1743-1809 Romanticism,Danish,Danish painter, designer and architect. His paintings reveal both Neo-classical and Romantic interests and include history paintings as well as literary and mythological works. The variety of his subject-matter reflects his wide learning, a feature further evidenced by the broad range of his creative output. In addition to painting, he produced decorative work, sculpture and furniture designs, as well as being engaged as an architect.
Anders Zorn
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