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February 18, 1860 – August 22, 1920.
Anders Zorn

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
78701 Baths at Pozzuoli Girolamo Macchietti Baths at Pozzuoli 1570 - 1573 Oil on canvas 117 x 100 cm cjr
81810 Baths at Pozzuoli Girolamo Macchietti Baths at Pozzuoli 1570 - 1573 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 117 x 100 cm cyf
29871 Venus and Adonis Girolamo Macchietti Venus and Adonis mk67 Oil on panel 66 5/16in

Girolamo Macchietti
Italian Painter , Firenze1535-1592 was an Italian painter active in Florence, working in a Mannerist style. He was a pupil of Michele di Ridolfi. During 1556-62, worked as an assistant to Giorgio Vasari in the decoration of the Palazzo Vecchio, where he worked with Mirabello Cavalori. He participated in the Vasari-directed decoration of the Studiolo of Francesco I with two canvases, one relating a Jason and Medea (1570) and the other a Baths of Pozzuoli (1572). He also painted an altarpiece on the Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence for Santa Maria Novella. In 1577, he completed a Gloria di San Lorenzo for Empoli Cathedral. He traveled to Rome and spent two years in Spain (1587-1589).
Anders Zorn
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