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February 18, 1860 – August 22, 1920.
Anders Zorn

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Anders Zorn

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Here are all the paintings of Anders Zorn 02

ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
51796 Female Nude Anders Zorn Female Nude mk221 1910 Oil on canvas 64.8x43.2cm Sweden 1860-1920
65823 femme au jupon rouge Anders Zorn femme au jupon rouge 1894 olja pa duk 100x75 se
58529 finmekanikern Anders Zorn finmekanikern mk262 olja 68 x 72 cm 1904 zornmuseet,mora.
31454 Fiskmarknad i St Ives Anders Zorn Fiskmarknad i St Ives mk73 1888 watercolour 100x67.5cm
65800 fiskmarknad i st. ives Anders Zorn fiskmarknad i st. ives 1888 akvarell, 100x76.5 se
84394 Fjorton ar tror jag visst att jag var Anders Zorn Fjorton ar tror jag visst att jag var 1916(1916) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 180 x 100 cm (70.9 x 39.4 in) cyf
58505 flaskplockerskan Anders Zorn flaskplockerskan mk262 olja.51x69 cm 1890 privat ago
58542 forsummad Anders Zorn forsummad mk262 akvarall. 50.5 x 75.5 cm 1884 privatago
65788 fran algers hamn Anders Zorn fran algers hamn 1887 akvarell, 45.4x11.5 se
58614 frans r heiss Anders Zorn frans r heiss mk262 olja 90 x 120 cm 1891 nationalmuseum, stockholm
88062 Frieda Schiff, Later Mrs. Felix M. Warburg Anders Zorn Frieda Schiff, Later Mrs. Felix M. Warburg 1894(1894) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 39 3/4 x 30 in. (101 x 76.2 cm) cjr
65889 frileuse Anders Zorn frileuse 1894 olja pa duk, 98x66 se
31464 Fronarna Salomon(The misses Salomon) Anders Zorn Fronarna Salomon(The misses Salomon) mk73 1888, watercolor, 101 x 68,8 cm
48941 Gaslisa Anders Zorn Gaslisa mk187 1888-89 Oil slick pa screen 72x58cm
95377 Girl in the Loft Anders Zorn Girl in the Loft Date 1905 TTD
56399 girls from dalarna having a bath Anders Zorn girls from dalarna having a bath mk247 c.1908,oil on canvas,33.125x19.875 in,84x50 cm,nationalmuseum ,stockholm ,sweden
61665 Girls from Dalarna Having a Bath Anders Zorn Girls from Dalarna Having a Bath Girls from Dalarna Having a Bath, 1906
68689 Girls from Dalarna in the sauna Anders Zorn Girls from Dalarna in the sauna Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 86 X 53 cm
71766 Girls from Dalarna in the sauna Anders Zorn Girls from Dalarna in the sauna Dimensions 86 x 53 cm (33.86 x 20.87 in)
65841 gondol, venedig Anders Zorn gondol, venedig 1894 akvarell och gouacbe 38x23.5 se
65774 gossen falbe Anders Zorn gossen falbe 1884, akvarell. 67x51 se
48924 Grandmother Anders Zorn Grandmother mk187 1883 Aquarium 52.5x45.5cm
65754 grosshandlare stocklassa Anders Zorn grosshandlare stocklassa 1879 akvarell, 29.5x40 se
65853 gustav Anders Zorn gustav 1909 oljaa duk, 201x123 se
58683 gustav vasastatyn Anders Zorn gustav vasastatyn mk262 brons 1903 mora
95378 Halsey Cooley Ives Anders Zorn Halsey Cooley Ives Date 1894-95 Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 32 x 26 in. (81.3 x 66 cm) TTD
31461 Hamburgs hamn Anders Zorn Hamburgs hamn mk73 46.5x67cm Watercolour
65879 helga Anders Zorn helga 1917 olja pa duk 100.5x64.5 se
65877 henrik schuck Anders Zorn henrik schuck 1915 olja pa duk 81.5x60 se
31524 Hins Anders Anders Zorn Hins Anders mk73 81x65cm Oil painting
79579 Hins Anders Anders Zorn Hins Anders 1904(1904) Oil on canvas 81 x 65 cm (31.9 x 25.6 in) cjr
82461 Hins Anders Anders Zorn Hins Anders 1904(1904) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 81 x 65 cm (31.9 x 25.6 in) cyf
61671 Home Tunes, Anders Zorn Home Tunes, Home Tunes, 1920
31540 Hugo Reisinger Anders Zorn Hugo Reisinger mk73 oil 1907 135.5 x 100 cm
65870 hugo reisinger Anders Zorn hugo reisinger 1887 olja pa duk 135.5x100 se
58667 huttrande flicka Anders Zorn huttrande flicka mk262 olja 67 x 100 cm 1894 waldemarsudde stockholm
65783 i algers hamn Anders Zorn i algers hamn 1887 akvarell, 67x41 se
31434 I Algers Hamn (In the harbour of Algiers) Anders Zorn I Algers Hamn (In the harbour of Algiers) mk73 watercolor 1887
95379 I Ateljen Anders Zorn I Ateljen Country of Origin: Sweden TTD
58700 i brist pa annat Anders Zorn i brist pa annat mk262 akvarell 16 x 24 cm 1882 nationalmuseum stockholm
58577 i eidhuset Anders Zorn i eidhuset mk262 olja 90 x 120 cm 1906 zornmuset,mora
65762 i gladje Anders Zorn i gladje 1880 tuscblavering och akvarell, 44.4x33.4 se
65829 i hamburgs hamn Anders Zorn i hamburgs hamn 1891 akvarell 30.2x45.4 se
65826 i mpressions de londres Anders Zorn i mpressions de londres 1890 akvarell, 72.3x55 se
58652 i sabella stewart gardner Anders Zorn i sabella stewart gardner mk262 olja 65.5 x 90 cm 1895 fenway court boston
95380 I Sangkammaren Anders Zorn I Sangkammaren Description English: Anders Zorn's painting I Sängkammaren TTD
58507 I sorg Anders Zorn I sorg mk262 akvarell. 31 x 42 cm. 1880
58508 I sorg Anders Zorn I sorg mk262 akvarell. 19.5x23 cm,1880 zornmuseet, mora
65765 i talienska gatumusikanter Anders Zorn i talienska gatumusikanter 1882 se
65782 i top capu Anders Zorn i top capu 1885 akvarell, 64x34.5 se
95381 I Top Capu Anders Zorn I Top Capu Anders Zorn's painting I Top Capu TTD
65770 i vardinnans tradgard Anders Zorn i vardinnans tradgard 1882 akvarell, 56x38 se
58585 i wikstoms atelje Anders Zorn i wikstoms atelje mk262 olja 60 x 81 cm 1889 zornmuseet mora
65803 i wikstroms atelje Anders Zorn i wikstroms atelje 1889 olja pa duk 82x60.5 se
31460 Impressions de Londres Anders Zorn Impressions de Londres mk73 watercolor 1890 72.5 x 55 cm
54356 In a Brewery Anders Zorn In a Brewery mk235 1890 Oil on canvas 100x68cm
48928 IN Algae port Anders Zorn IN Algae port mk187 1887 Aquarium 67x41cm
31391 In Mourning Anders Zorn In Mourning mk73 1880, Watercolour
31481 In my Gondola Anders Zorn In my Gondola mk73 1894, Oil on canvas
95382 In Scotland (Mrs. Symons) Anders Zorn In Scotland (Mrs. Symons) Date 1887(1887) Medium watercolor Dimensions 100 x 66 cm TTDA
48926 IN Sorrow Anders Zorn IN Sorrow mk187 1880 Aquarium 42x26cm
31528 In the Cookhouse Anders Zorn In the Cookhouse mk73 1906 Oil on canvas, 120 x 90 cm
95383 In the Hammock Anders Zorn In the Hammock Date 1882(1882) Source Bonhams TTD
51797 In Werner-s Rowing Boat Anders Zorn In Werner-s Rowing Boat mk221 Oil on canvas 100x64cm
65778 interior av tapisserifabrik i madrid Anders Zorn interior av tapisserifabrik i madrid 1884 akvarell, 30.3x22.5 se
75002 Isabella Stewart Gardner in Venice Anders Zorn Isabella Stewart Gardner in Venice 1894 Oil on canvas 91 x 66 cm cjr
58711 jag i roda kostymen Anders Zorn jag i roda kostymen olja 90 x 120 cm 1915 zornmuseet mora
58710 jag i varskinnspalsen Anders Zorn jag i varskinnspalsen mk262 olja 60 x 92 cm 1915 zornmuseet mora
58706 jag modellerar emmas byst Anders Zorn jag modellerar emmas byst mk262 olja 1889 galleria degli uffizi florens
58707 jag och emma Anders Zorn jag och emma mk262 etsning 21.1 x 31.7 cm 1890
58708 jag och rodharig modell Anders Zorn jag och rodharig modell mk262 olja 94 x 117 cm 1896 nationalmuseum stockholm
58702 jag som oretuscherad bild Anders Zorn jag som oretuscherad bild mk262 olja 26.6 x 34.5 cm 1888 zornmuseet moea
58693 jag som sextonaring Anders Zorn jag som sextonaring mk262 akvarell 19.4 x 28 cm 1877 nationalmuseum stockholm
58695 jag som tiugoettearing Anders Zorn jag som tiugoettearing mk262 kolteckning 30.8 x 40 cm 1881 zornmuseet mara
65844 janzon Anders Zorn janzon 1890, olja pa duk 60x46.5 se
95384 Jean Burney Anders Zorn Jean Burney Description English: Anders Zorn's painting Jean Burney TTD
65843 jean- baptiste faure Anders Zorn jean- baptiste faure 1891. olja pa duk 83x66,5 se
80456 Jollen Anders Zorn Jollen Date 1918(1918) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 100 x 64 cm (39.4 x 25.2 in) cjr
58569 julotta Anders Zorn julotta mk262 olja 37.5 x 56.4cm 1908 zornmuseet. mora
58571 julotta Anders Zorn julotta mk262 olja 91.5 x 121.5 cm. 1908 zornmuseet, mora
58575 julotta Anders Zorn julotta mk262 datalj av foregaende
65796 junikvall Anders Zorn junikvall 1886 akvarell, 35.5x25 se
58543 kaelksnymf Anders Zorn kaelksnymf mk262 akvarell 67 x 103 cm 1884 statens konstsamlingar
31430 Kaik oarsman Anders Zorn Kaik oarsman mk73 1886 Water Colour, 35,5 x 50,5 cm
31429 Kaikroddare Anders Zorn Kaikroddare mk73 51x79cm 1886
48927 Kaikroddare Anders Zorn Kaikroddare mk187 1886 Aquarium pa cardboard 17x25cm
65789 kaikroddare Anders Zorn kaikroddare 1886 akvarell. 51x79 se
58553 kapprodd Anders Zorn kapprodd mk262 akvarell 47 x 33 cm 1886 pricat ago
65790 kapprodd Anders Zorn kapprodd 1886 akvarell, 29.5x44 se
31417 Karleksnymf(Love nymph) Anders Zorn Karleksnymf(Love nymph) mk73 1885, watercolor, 113 x 71.5 cm
58533 klockmakaren Anders Zorn klockmakaren mk262 olja 67 x71 cm 1905 zornmuset.mora
95385 Kusinerna Anders Zorn Kusinerna Description English: Anders Zorn's painting Kusinerna TTD
31518 Kuver Maja Anders Zorn Kuver Maja mk73 Oil painting 43.5x38cm 1902
65848 kuver maja Anders Zorn kuver maja 1902 olja pa duk 43.5x38 se
65779 kvarleksnymf Anders Zorn kvarleksnymf 1885 akvarell, 113x71.5 se
65759 kvinna Anders Zorn kvinna 1880 akvarell, 31x42 se
58498 kvinna klar sitt bar Anders Zorn kvinna klar sitt bar mk262 olja. 82.5 x 84 cm .1888 privat ago
65746 kvinna som klar sig Anders Zorn kvinna som klar sig 1893. olija pa duk, 56x38cm se
65818 kvinna som klar sitt barn Anders Zorn kvinna som klar sitt barn 1888 olja pa duk, 57x84 se
58555 kyrkfard Anders Zorn kyrkfard mk262 olja 141 x 95 cm 1889 privat ago

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Anders Zorn
Swedish 1860-1920 Swedish painter, etcher and sculptor. He was brought up by his grandparents at Mora. As he displayed a precocious talent for drawing he was admitted to the preparatory class of the Kungliga Akademi for de Fria Konsterna, Stockholm, at the age of 15. Dissatisfied with the outdated teaching and discipline of the Academy and encouraged by his early success as a painter of watercolour portraits and genre scenes (e.g. Old Woman from Mora, 1879; Mora, Zornmus.) Zorn left the Academy in 1881 to try to establish an international career. He later resided mainly in London but also travelled extensively in Italy, France, Spain, Algeria and the Balkans and visited Constantinople. However, he continued to spend most of his summers in Sweden.
Anders Zorn
All the Anders Zorn's Oil Paintings

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